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Everyone has a story.


Somehow this project has become part of the story of a mix of people. Some come for longer time and are part of the fabric of what we do. Some come by for shorter periods and leave their mark. 

Without the wonderful people who contribute to this project, Berger da Baronia would not be.

The community

The Alentejo is a beautiful region to visit and we love living here. But in reality, for many of the locals, it's difficult for them to stay in the area for lack of jobs. So like in many other areas of the world, we see urbanization happening at lightening speed.

Wonderful, qualified and motivated people, who like their home towns are leaving. They need to have a reason to stay, a way to make a decent income... they need interesting job opportunities.

We want to see this area and the surrounding villages thrive. So in all we do, we think about how it can be beneficial to the locals.


Our Visitors


We receive guests from all around the world who come to stay in our two guest houses with their friends and families or come for retreats (see They come to discover nature, culture, farming and to spend time with their loved ones. Very often several generations in families find themselves united again.


We provide them with a temporary home, a place to learn and discover new things, to rejuvenate before they return home. While they are here, they visit restaurants, attractions, buy local arts and crafts and thereby support the local businesses. 

We really enjoy having our guests and we also see how they are an important way to stimulate employment in the area allowing the locals to stay and make a living.

We also welcome our own friends and family from around the world, who often end up wanting to get involved with the work at hand.


And finally, we also have volunteers like WWOOFers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). These are people of all ages and walks of life that are looking for an experience on a farm and trade their time and skills for room and board.

We so enjoy having this huge mix of people coming and going. Each person bringing a bit of themselves, leaving their mark and then continuing on their journey.

The Core Team

This is the core team without whom we would ultimately not have our olive oil.

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