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Meet Andreas

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Andreas loved farming from a young age. He used to sneak out of his parents home as a child to go and help the farmers with their land and animals. So it was no surprise that he then went on the study agriculture and then invest his career in food manufacturing. A constant dream that regularly popped up over the years was to have a small factory of his own.

He retired early and started what he calls his second career. He now happily works the land each day and also built his factory to make his own olive oil. He works non-stop and most cannot keep up with his pace. There is nothing he won't do and he happily gets his hands dirty.

Shortly before he retired he made a big shift in his own health and lifestyle. The importance of movement, exercise, healthy eating and being in touch with nature came to the forefront. With all his knowledge, it just made sense to make the most natural and healthy olive oil that he could.

In all he has always done, Andreas has a deep care for people. He always said that it was so important for people to feel happy at work. Because people who are happy at work, go home happy and that creates a ripple effect that impacts families and the world.

So this project brings together Andreas' love and passion for land, agriculture, people, health and community. And this is just the beginning...

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