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Meet Andrea

Updated: May 9, 2021

Andrea relishes in discovering a new place and especially finding the hidden places. She finds the local handy people for all kinds of crafts and then partners with them to make beautiful things come to life. For her, a fun day looks like driving around and stopping to discover what is available locally in the most unassuming places. She did this in all the countries they lived, where she wrote travel guides, designed furniture, restored old furniture, explored local markets, learned to cook worldly cuisines and more. And now she does it here in the Alentejo.

There is no stopping Andrea. She's an artist at heart that brings creativity to all she does. She loves making things herself and sees nothing as impossible. If she doesn't know how to do something, she figures it out or finds someone to show her. She manages the guest houses, looks after the vegetable garden and chickens and turns the other produce (lemons, tomatoes, berries, fruit, etc.) into preserves of all kinds.

In this olive oil endeavour, Andrea supports Andreas' dream. She lends her creative eye for the design of the bottles, labels and brochures, she manages the website and anything else that comes up to be designed. During the harvest she cares for all the guests - hosting them, cooking the common meals and she'll be wherever help is needed - standing under a tree to harvest or sorting olives at the mill.

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