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Harvest Volunteers

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Many friends and volunteers joined us from the end September to mid-November to help with the harvesting of the olives and the making of the olive oil. They stayed with us anywhere between one week up to two months. They came from Germany, Switzerland, Brasil, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Without their help, we could not have managed the harvest that came early this year and needed to happen fast. Thanks to them we can now offer you our high-quality olive oil.

They all worked very hard during their stay - picking olives, bringing them to the olive mill, supporting the workings of the olive press, and so on. In the evenings we relaxed and enjoyed each other's company around a delicious meal and a good bottle of Alentejo wine. We truly enjoyed their company and are grateful they chose to come and join us on this adventure - making our organic olive oil from the tree to the bottle.

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