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How much oil comes from one tree?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Did you know that one olive tree produces two to four bottles of high-quality olive oil?

Yes, it doesn't seem like a lot. The harvest of one of our trees can range up to 30 kilos of olives from one tree, but some trees may only have 7kg. It depends on the year, on the tree, on when the tree was last pruned, and many more factors. A 500ml bottle of our olive oil contains the oil of about five kilos of olives. Every drop in the bottle is precious.

How much oil comes out of the olives also depends on the oil content of the olives, the degree of ripeness when the olives are picked, and the extraction methods - how many times the same olive pulp is pressed and whether or not chemicals are added to extract even more oil.

We only press the olives we harvest once. This way we only get the best oil from each olive.

There are however many olive oil producers who will add chemicals to the olive pulp after the first extraction to squeeze out even more of the oil, but that is no longer high-quality olive oil.

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