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Why we have wild islands all over our farmland

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

When we came to care for this land, it was quite wild. The beauty in that was that the diversity of plants, animals and insects was high. It was important to us to preserve that diversity and so as we pruned and removed debris, we also made sure to keep some. Sprinkled throughout the land we kept islands or oases of pure wilderness. These are safe harbours for the animals to refuge in, to hide, to mate and to just be.

What are these wild islands?

Untouched areas of trees, bushes, piles of stones, shrubs that are densely knitted together. Within them are snakes, insects, rabbits, martyrs and a huge variety of birds. They each have their role to play just by naturally being and living. Amongst others, these islands are instrumental in helping us to fight potential pests and diseases that can affect our ancient olive trees.

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