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Going beyond the traditional harvesting method to guarantee the best olive oil

Updated: May 10, 2020


- how do we further improve the quality of our olive oil


- We invest in the quality of our olive oil

We recently invested in a newly developed help/machine to better guarantee the olives to arrive at our mill on time, in full (i.e.“unharmed”) and at the right ripeness level/stage.

We can better preserve the integrity of the olives and their oil because:

1. We keep the net that collects the olive about 1-1.5 m above ground, so that the olives only fall a little distance from the branch onto the net, 

2. Nobody walks / stands on the olives on the ground while shaking the branches

We can guarantee more olives are at the optimal/ desired ripeness level when they come to the mill as the time to harvest is reduced

1. This reduced time of harvest comes about because we can harvest seven days instead of only 5 days a week. We can harvest Sat and Sun when its normally difficult to get enough people to come and help us with the harvest.

2. Time to harvest one tree is reduced by about 50%, i.e. we can harvest faster, although more gently!!, and therefore guarantee that more olives are at the optimal ripeness stage when they arrive at the mill.

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