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da baronia



Our olive oil is a work of art co-produced by nature and our commitment to quality that we would like to share with you.

The vivid color and the balanced spicy taste of the olive oil attest to its freshness and high nutritional value.

The blend of ancient, local olive varieties (Galega, Bical, Cobrançosa) found in our fields gives it a unique taste with berry and creamy almond notes and a delicate and full aroma.


 da baronia 
 in a nutshell

  • Swiss family farm in Portugal

  • Organic olive oil made from ancient olive trees (up to 1000 years old)

  • Sustainably grown on an untouched piece of land

  • Own state of the art olive mill on-site to guarantee the highest quality

  • Swiss quality, made in Alentejo, Portugal

  • Onno Kokmeijer 2 Michelin Star chef previously with Restaurant Ciel Bleu in Amsterdam

  • Jeroen Achtien Gault Millau 18/20 + Rising star of the year 2022 and Michelin-2-Star-at-Hotel-Vitznauerhof-Restaurant-Sens, Vitznau, Switzerland

 da baronia 
 in collaboration with


Originally from Switzerland, we, Andrea and Andreas, spent the last 30 years traveling and living around the world with our four children. From Africa, to South East Asia, to Europe and South America.

Lately we decided to realise a lifelong dream to be close to nature, to farm and to host guests. After searching many countries and corners of the world we found this magnificent spot and settled down here in Portugal's Alentejo region, on a farm amidst centenary olive trees, cork trees, Ibarian oak trees and sheep.

We respectfully tend to the land and trees, conscious that we are here only the caretakers for a short period of time in the lives of these olive trees. We put emphasis on sustainable farming practices and preservation for future generations.

In order to share this heritage with a wider community we decided to build an olive mill on our domain. This allows us to guarantee authenticity, quality and freshness of our organic olive oil for you.

It is our belief that the real artisans of our olive oil are the ancient olive trees. On this land, the same trees have been crafting the finest oil for up to 1000 years and still do so today. They know best how to produce a high quality organic olive oil.

We see our role as the guardians of these ancient trees, their fruits and their olive oil. And we are proud to share it with you.

Andrea en Andreas Berger 31-08-2020-1 LR
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